Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finding Love Again

Today is the first day since the fire that I have found some true happiness and excitement for the future.  I am starting to fall in love with Phoenix and had the best day ever with him!  That is a big step in the right direction, considering I had to force myself to go see him the first week he was home.  He has not let me down in one way.  He is a gentleman to groom and tack up, he is sweet and kind, and he is oh so talented and smart.  He even ground tied yesterday for me since I was alone.  Do not forget that grooming and tacking up is like being at a horse show everyday.  All that is left from the fire is the indoor and my trailer.  I am so thankful for both.  If the indoor would have been lost, my trailer would have been also.  It was parked right next to the back wall.  Thank you so much to all of the firefighters who worked so hard to save that structure.   The trailer is our tack up spot, and Bri and I have the tack room filled to the brim with donated supplies =)  Thank you so much again to everybody who has thought about us...We will never forget your kindness.

Back to Phoenix! I just can not believe that I found this horse.  He had his third real ride today and is just doing amazing...I can not believe how fast he is learning.  He is already beginning to supple and loosen his back, and he even cantered and did some ground poles!  Big steps for a third ride!  I am so excited for what his movement is going to be like under saddle once he loosens more.  I've seen his pasture trot!  Wowww!!  He is just so smart though.  Every ride he is improving a lot!  As horrible of a card that we were recently dealt, I am blessed to have this horse right now.  He is everything that I look for in an upper level horse, and with the kindness of Scooby.  I truly believe that Scooby is with him..How else can he be learning so quickly?  Scooby knows that we have Horse Trials to get ready for =)  Which by the way, make sure to check out the video clip of me leading him over logs out in the yard.  I know, not the safest thing, but I could not resist!

Phoenix's First Time Over Ground Poles/ Third Ride
(Count how many times I say Good Boy! Ha!)

 Phoenix's First Cross Country Fences!  LOL!

Even though we are just going on two weeks together, I have some big summer plans for us.  This is the VERY best that I have felt since the fire and I am sooooooooo excited to start this new journey with Phoenix...He is the horse for me!

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  1. Hi, Becky.

    Just found your blog via the Retired Racehorse Blog (aka Natalie). Your story breaks my heart and I love that you have found Phoenix.

    Good luck to you both!