Thursday, November 3, 2011

Moving Day!

My co-pilot "Petunia" all buckled in and ready for the trip!

As I said before, changes were on the horizon for us!  Over the last two weeks, we went through the dreaded task of packing up our barn and moving into a new facility!  It was sad, but exciting as well.  I have been at my "very backyard" facility for almost three years.  It was never an ideal place.  Actually very far from it (amazing conditioning fields and a cute barn, but poor pastures, a very below average arena and a landlord, who although always minded his own business, did not have any intention on doing landlord type things....occasionally maintaining fence lines or occasionally dragging the arena).  All of this being said, I am sure you can tell why we finally decided it was time to leave.  However, even though this place had many downfalls, it brought Scooby from Novice to Prelim and also brought along several Off The Track Thoroughbreds from nothing to eventers!  Up until this spring, we only had three sets of jump standards to train with also!  I know from first hand experience, where there is a will there is a way, and many things can be made possible with having very little!  Let's not forget last winter when Chris and I hand shovelled the arena twice a week for almost two months straight, just so that I could ride!  Everyone might think that is nuts and I totally agree!  I still cringe thinking about it, butttttt I did sell Darby in the early spring and had I not been able to ride him those winter months, I probably would not have sold him until the summer... Where there is a will, there is a way!! 

A lot of things came to a head the Monday after Radnor, which is why we finally did decide to leave.  Chris and I started shopping for our very own home that we can also move the horses into, but for now, we moved to a good friend and client's barn ( ), and will be doing the boarding thing again.  I moved Scooby and most of my jumps the weekend of the 22nd.  I wanted to get him moved, so I could get myself focused for New Jersey Horse Trials.  It had taken every ounce of effort to make myself train since Radnor.  Kazzy wasn't even ridden for about two weeks.  I forced myself to work Scooby though.  I was dead set on being ready to compete on the 29th (if I only knew then that a big snowstorm would put a wedge in that anyway!).  Everything else (2 horses, my beloved barn cat "Petunia" and the rest of my gear) was moved on Wednesday, the 26th. A special thanks to Caitlyn for coming over that Tuesday night and helping me pack and load all of our crap!  We had the dressing room in the trailer filled to the brim!  Speaking of Caitlyn, check out this video that she made and that I happened to stumble across!  This is quite the dedication to Kaz!  I love the pics of the two of them!  She even found some pics of him when he was first being advertised after racing!

Back to the move!  Everyone settled in perfectly and I think the happiest of them all is Petunia!  She has been staying in an apartment above the barn and has zero desire to go outside!  She explored around the barn one day and that was it!  As Bri says it, she does not want to leave her "kitty condo".  Its true!!  She sleeps on her much loved cooler that she adopted from Scooby and is perfectly content!  It is a huge relief.  I was worried that she would not adjust well.

    The ponies reuniting with Scooby after being apart for about a week!


At first, I was very bummed about boarding, but I am definitely seeing the light in it!  Bri has been amazing and implemented everything we do, so things are pretty much the same, and let me tell you...Saturday during the snow storm, it was soooooooo nice to stay at home under a blanket, rather than trekking to the barn to feed!

On the horizon is the Bucks County Schooling Horse Trials (November 6th).  Originally, I was only going to be there to coach Bri and her fabulous partner "Spooky" in their first Horse Trial.  He is a mini, paint version of Scooby!!  Niceee!  Since New Jersey was a wash with the SNOW, I entered Scooby in the Prelim-Training division (they do not offer a full Prelim =(( ) to get another outing before winter.  Should be a fun day!  If Kazzy comes back quickly after his almost three week break, I am planning to bring him to the Oxbow Schooling Horse Trials on 13th.  I may take Scooby there also to do some straight showjumping at Prelim and Intermediate.  Scooby and I can always benefit from more Show Jumping courses!