Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Are Entered!!!!

Surprise!!  Yes, we are going to Plantation Field in May!!!  As you know, Chris and I have been loosely throwing the idea around of starting Phoenix in recognized competition in May, but the last I left it was that I was going to hold off until June because I am not sure how competitive he will be initially.  Well.....we took Phoenix on his first outing off the farm last Saturday and he was awesomeeeeeeeee!!!!  Of course he had lots of energy initially, so we spent a lot of time trotting a 20 meter circle, but once he settled, he was amazing!!  He met and exceeded all of my very high expectations jumping also!!  He did several BN questions and even a few Novice fences!  He also did two small drops into the water!   He was such a bold pony!  Here are a few pics from the day!!

                                          Phoenix over the Beginner Novice ditch!

Phoenix with Max and Helen (Helen is one of my clients who happened to be at Bucks the same day!)

                                        Who is that handsome guy?!

                           Cait, Phoenix and I sporting the blue and pink!!!

Here are the SEVEN short video clips!  

So from here....we get ready for Plantation!!!  This is what we did in 6 weeks of training, lets see what we can do in the next 4 1/2 weeks!  The exciting part is that he his ready for Beginner Novice now, so I am just going to continue training and enjoying him!  I am planning to take him to another cross country schooling next weekend and will be entering a schooling Horse Trial on May 5th!!  Stay tuned for updates as Plantation nears!! 

Btw, Check out this one last video!  Caitlyn made this for Phoenix =))  I do believe this horse was sent here to take care of me.  He has brought back so much happiness in my life...