Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thank You Everyone

Where to even begin....With the largest thank you to everyone is the best place to start....My life has been turned upside down and the shock is still strongly there.  Posting anything is incredibly difficult right now, so please bare with me.  I am in tears sitting here, so as I am able to cope better, I will post more...I need everyone to know though how thankful and grateful Chris and I are...We are going through the most difficult thing we have been faced with and the support from all of you is what is keeping us going...I feel like I have lost my life, my identity, and to even begin to pick up the pieces seems nearly impossible...My life was truly in that barn...Scooby...Kaz....they were everything to me..everything.  I loved Scooby more than any horse I have ever met.  The only horse to ever even come close to my love of Scooby, was Kazzy....and to lose them both, in this just unimaginable.  My heart has been torn out and stomped all over...They deserved so much better...all of the horses in the barn did.  They were all wonderful and we all took such good care of them.  As I am able to cope a little better, I will be posting pictures and info on all of them...they all had a special place in our hearts...

Chris and I will be forever and ever grateful for everyone's support.  You are what is keeping us going.  I don't want my cherished horses forgotten...I need to keep them alive and loved in spirit...We spend a lot of time checking out the facebook page that our dear friend Shane has put together...I can never thank Shane enough for getting the word out and bringing in all of this support for us....All of the kind words people have to say have been lifting our spirits like none other.  And the donations....I can not express my gratitude enough for them.  I feel so guilty even taking them, but we lost everything....Horribly, I let Scooby's insurance lapse because of the cost of the new policy for this year.  I was planning to pick it back up in March when competitions began....he has always been insured..from the moment I purchased him off of the track, and to let it lapse for even a couple months, was incredibly stupid...please learn from my's a sad situation to even have to think about finances in a time of tragedy...

I will be posting again in the next week...We will be burying our beloved ponies tomorrow or Saturday.  It is so heartbreaking to know that I will never see Scooby again....I go to see their remains is the only thing that has given me any closure...Everyone handles grief differently, but I needed to know what they went through and I want them to know that I am still here for them...all of them...I will never be the same after experiencing this tragedy.  To have to stand by and watch a fire tear through our barn, knowing my babies were in will forever haunt me...At the moment Chris woke me up Sunday, January 15 at 1:45 life was changed.  I promise though, I will put all of the donations and love into a new horse/horses and rebuilding what we lost.  With everyone's support, I will be out there again in our signature blue and pink.  I know Scooby wants me to move forward and accomplish my dreams...please, if you ever recognize Chris or I at a show, please, please approach us...We want to thank and hug every person out there who is rooting for us....We love all of you.....more than you will ever know...


  1. First off Rebecca, I am so sorry to hear about his tragedy. I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. You're so brave to still want move on in the horse industry. I honestly feel that if I lost my OTTB in that way, I wouldn't even be able to touch another horse...It would tear me to pieces. You desire to continue & pick up the pieces is truely inspiring.
    I don't know what I can say to lessen the pain, but I wish you all the luck in the world.
    As a trainer myself, I can understand the devastation of losing all your tack as well. Our livelihood is in our tack room.
    Please tell me, anything you need that I can send you. I'd love to help you start to rebuild.
    -Nikki Egyed, Silver Shadow Training.

  2. i am sitting in tears, after reading your blog and hearing about what happened. my sincere condolences go to all of you, i cannot imagine the pain and grief you must be feeling. All i can say, is keep your head held high, stay strong and the whole of the equine world are with you. I will donate a little something when i can.
    All my love, from across the pond in the UK xxx