Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Fun and Second Thoughts....

                                                        Gotta love the bug eyed glasses!

So we are now into the middle of February (Wooohooo!  March March March!) and we have gone a full week without a snow/ice storm!  Yay!  Hopefully the last of the ice on our arena melts off soon!  Next week Chris and I are planning on digging out the jumps that I sooo brilliantly buried in the snow during all of our shovel outs.  They are now six feet under a wall of snow that borders the arena!  Very smart of me!  I really don't know what I was thinking!

The horses are doing great and it looks promising that Darby will be moving on with his potential new mommy =)  As happy as I am, I am definitely dealing with some sadness as well.  This is somewhat suprising for me because as much as I love all of my horses, I am extremely excited when they get sold.  I work very hard and put alot of time and training into them, so when I am rewarded with a sale, I am ecstatic!  Darby is a little different though.  I have shed a few tears everyday since last week!  I am very excited about the possibility of selling him to someone who is going to be very dedicated to him and her riding (and oh yea, did I mention that she is going to be training with me?!?!  That is even more exciting!), but the barn will definitely feel empty without him.  He is very gentle and such a snuggler!  I always look forward to spending time with him.  He's just a laid back guy who loves hanging out with people.  I've definitely bonded with him big time!  Everyone who spends a little bit of time with him feels the same way.  Such a sweetheart!  However, I do tell myself that this is what I love to do and like they say "if you would want to keep this horse for yourself and are having second thoughts about selling him/her, you know this is a great horse!" Soooo true!  I know that ultimately, whoever does buy Darby, will be the happiest/luckiest person around and it is incredibly rewarding to know that I have had a hand in making him into the horse that he is!

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