Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Desensitization and Goofing Off!!

                                       Scooby sporting my riding vest!

I've never realized how much I torment my horses until recently I went through Chris's phone and found some funny pictures!  I guess this is why my horses are solid citizens!!  We're all about playing with them and doing weird things to them.  In all seriousness though, it makes them braver and much more mentally flexible!  I hate when you have to walk around horses on eggshells.  That being said, I used to yell at Chris all the time for doing weird things to them.  I walked into the barn one day and he was grooming Scooby with our super large barn broom that is almost as big as he is! Or the time he put bell boots on Caesar's ears to make him look like Princess Leia (I'll add that pic later!).  I've learned to lighten up though and actually embrace these strange acts.  I now join in!  I think the horses get a kick out of it too!  Anyone who knows Scooby or has even met him for that matter, knows he is a MAJOR goof ball!!

                 Darby getting a kiss while wearing the "Woody Pellets" bag!

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