Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kazzy The Rockstar!

Decisions Decions!  What to do with this horse?!?!?!  Kazzy had his second HT on Sunday and once again... was a ROCKSTAR!!  Despite picking up the incorrect lead twice on our first canter, he put in a solid test to score a 38.5.  Even with that, he was only two points out of first!  His trot work was again, very solid.  The footing the entire day was a sloppy mess, but everyone made the best of it and I am thankful that Michelle (the organizer and owner of Burgundy Hollow) allowed the Horse Trial to go on!  Michelle also allowed me to include the Beginner Novice/Novice water complex into my cross country course.  That was wonderful because it was the first time that Kazzy rode a water complex on an actual course (minus the fact that we would not be penalized for refusals).  He was awesome though and only had a tiny bit of hesitation.  Nothing that would have been penalized.  I made full use of this schooling option and made three passes through before jumping the last fence on course!  By the second go, he was leaping in!  I have been contemplating bringing him with Scooby to the New Jersey Horse Trials at the end of October, but we would have a water complex on course, so I really wanted to see how he would handle a "surprise" water.  He answered that question very well, so we will see, maybe both my ponies will be at New Jersey!  In the meantime, I have to decide whether to temporarily pull Kaz's "for sale" listing.  I think he is quite special and a very big part of me would like to tap into those eventing skills even more before selling him, but I do not have unlimited funds.  One horse at Prelim is costly enough!!  We could make it work, but I just don't know what to do!!  Opinions please!!!!!! 

Below are video clips from Burgundy Hollow Farm (including the water!!)

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